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About Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.

Ft. Thomas, KY is located on the southern border of the Ohio River, directly across from Cincinnati. Prior to its settlement by Europeans, the Ft. Thomas KY area was a hunting ground for competing Native tribes. A large battle occurred at the site of the present city of Fort Thomas between a band of Cherokee and a victorious alliance Miami and Shawnee. As many as 600 graves of slain warriors have been unearthed by archaeologists here; although the battleground area has been thoroughly combed for artifacts and remains over the years, it is still not uncommon to find arrowheads and other artifacts from the past while gardening or hiking the woods and streambeds throughout the city. Ft. Thomas is a great city for lawyers who have an interest in archaeology and history.

Ft. Thomas was formally established by the state assembly in 1867.

In 1887,a site was needed to replace the frequently-flooded U.S. Army barracks in nearby Newport. Built in 1803, Newport Barracks replaced the smaller Fort Washington in Cincinnati and was located at the junction of the Lickingand and Ohio Rivers.

The area has many remnants of this era with a 102-foot (31 m) high Stone Water Tower as a familiar landmark which stands at the entrance to Tower Park. It was the 16th structure built on the grounds of the Military Reservation. It encloses a standpipe which has a capacity of 100,000 gallons, pumped from the Water District reservoirs just across South Fort Thomas Avenue. In 1890 when the military base was established, such provisions for water supply was necessary as there was no other water tower in this area. Cannons that were captured in Cuba’s Havana Harbor during the Spanish-American War rest on stone platforms in front of the Tower. The dates marked on these cannon, reflecting the date they were made in Barcelona, Spain, are “1768” and “1769.”

General Philip Sheridan personally selected 11 acres (45,000 m2) of the city and dubbed the area the Highlands, predicting it to become the “West Point of the West.” The new post was named Fort Thomas in honor of General George Henry Thomas.The U.S. 6th Infantry Regiment moved to Fort Thomas, where it remained until called to action again in June 1898, in the Spanish-American War.

While the city did not become a center of military education,Fort Thomas has undergone numerous changes over the years. A recent push has renovated downtown Fort Thomas, which is centered around the intersection of Fort Thomas Avenue and Highland Avenue. This business district contains the municipal building, fire department, police station, as well as several shops, banks, and other businesses.

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